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Videos for Websites

I’m really excited about a new business venture that I’m engaging in with two really great women– Emmy Award-winning video journalist Suzanne Menuet and Amy Clark. Next month we’re launching Biz Buzz Video, a video production company specializing in creating 1-2 minutes videos for websites. The great thing about our approach is that we’re not interested in marketing speak, talking points or infomercials. What we’re eager to help people do is to help introduce themselves and their companies to a wide audience by just being themselves, telling the story of the company and talking a little bit about the products and services they offer– all in a short video that people can view from their desktop. The idea is that people are very savvy about being sold to. What most consumers want is just an honest, direct introduction to the products, the company and the people behind it all. And there’s no one that can do that better than the people who make it all happen. So look for more about video production services, and ask yourself if your website is ready to make the next big leap to video.

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