There are several ways to distribute press releases. I’ve used PR Newswire, BusinessWire, MarketWire and PRWeb. Others have used and I think I’m going to check them out. How do you like to distribute press releases?

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  1. With you can send out up to 52 news releases per year to opted-in journalists, as well as create a search engine-optimized press room with a link to your web site so that new buyers will find you. Other benefits include, a service that helps you select keywords for your press room page and news releases so that they are more easily found, and InterviewNet, “a dating service of PR,” that allows you to search among opted-in journalists and their questions by topic, geography or type of publication. Your business is included in the “Yearbook of Experts, Authorities & Spokespersons,” a 500-page publication journalists use to find experts and contact information that they use when conducting interviews on thousands of topics. There are three levels of membership: Classic, $995; Executive, $1,295; and Premier, $2,795. The difference among the memberships is the size and priority of listing in the Yearbook. (Personally, I don’t think the difference in benefits is worth the cost — the Classic is fine for most.) To obtain a $100 membership discount, use this link.

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