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Build Your Media Empire for (Almost) Nothing and in Six Easy Steps

Have you ever read a job description for a staff writer for a newspaper, a radio producer, a graphic designer? Are there even job descriptions for “media personality” and “pundit?” So what if you actually have a dream to get out there and position yourself as an expert in your field, or maybe you just have a whole lot to say in general and jus to create a media outlet that’s totally new? Well guess what? You can start you own media empire (sort of) in just six easy steps:

1) Get a great headshot– or a few. Do formal, casual, indoors and outdoors. Stick with what’s consistent with your brand. Cost: Free (if you have a friend) – $500 (pro)

2) Start a blog on WordPress, Blogger, Typepad, etc. Cost: Free

3) Start an internet radio show on, or some other internet radio platform. All you need is a phone and a computer– no fancy equipment necessary: Free

4) Start a video blog and post your videos on video sharing sites like YouTube, Vimeo,, Viddler, DailyMotion (and your own blog of course): Free for posting (can upgrade to premium memberships); around $149 for a Flip Ultra camera (2 hours of memory, no tapes).

5) Set up your social media accounts (Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook) to interact with your audience: Free

6) Go to and create a professional looking logo for your media organization: $49 (you can even order marketing collateral for pretty reasonable costs) But when you make it big, hire a real designer to help you upgrade your look.

Yes, I know this all sounds very easy and it sort of is. But I would recommend spending the vast majority of your time honing your messages, getting clear about your goals, and really becoming the sort of media organization you’d like to read, hear and see yourself.

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What Does an Hour Using Social Media Tools Look Like?

More and more I encounter people who are, to put it bluntly, freaking out about which social networking tools they absolutely MUST be using right now. They’re fearful that they’ve missed the bus on all of this stuff and they hoping beyond hope that it’s not too late to “join the conversation.” You know what I say to that? Chill out. Here are some social media beginner’s tips that will cost you only one hour per week:

1) Just pick one thing… whether it’s Twitter, Linkedin or Facebook and commit to posting some sort of status update about twice a week to start off.  10 minutes

2) Bookmark good social media sites like and peruse it about once a week. 15 minutes

3) Learn a new feature on one of the social networking sites that you might not be familiar with like setting up a YouTube Channel or posting a new widget on your blog. You don’t have to learn everything all at once. 15 minutes

4) On your blog post a link and an introductory paragraph to a news article that is relevant to your personal interests or business. Send an e-mail to the journalist to give her a heads up. 10 minutes

5) Read someone else’s stuff. Whether it is looking through fan pages and groups on Facebook or commenting on a blog, remember– it’s about being part of a community. 10 minutes

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