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Not Just a Press Release

I’m a big advocate for sending out additional media with press releases including images, a video, some audio, or whatever else you have on hand to pump up the content and interest. If you are an individual or CEO trying to boost your personal brand, it’s important to make sure that you have some decent video on hand for producers so they can get a sense of how you might appear on camera. Check out for very affordable video production by a former CNN videographer with two Emmys under her belt. Oh, and make sure your headshots aren’t from 1991.



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Pay Per Media Hit or Not?

The answer is a big fat “no.” Whenever I get approached by someone who would like to hire me and propose that I be paid based on what “hits” I get for them during my outreach, I kindly walk way. Why? Because most really savvy clients understand that achieving results is based on forging relationships, developing strategies and discovering a variety of paths to creating awareness above and beyond a mention in the local daily paper. And most people know that getting media hits is considered earned media, not paid media. For as much as someone can put into pitching a client, there are never any guarantees. So it simply would be not be a fair proposition to expect a professional to engage in work with no guarantee that they will ever get paid. It may work for realtors or personal injury lawyers, but not for publicists.

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