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Imag(in)e This: Pumping Up Press Releases

No, I am not a huge fan of the press release as the “be all and end all” of how to get coverage for your business. Back in the day, press releases were used for real news. Stop-the-presses sort of news. It has evolved into a tool that PR and non-PR folks use and abuse on a daily basis for announcing everything from the launch of a new feature on an old widget, to sounding the alarms about the company’s latest $1K contribution to a local playground. You have to ask yourself, is this news? It’s a tricky question, especially in the ever-changing new media landscape. No, not everything is actual “news.” But editors and writers are hungry for information in the form of tips, expertise, and knowledge. They want to engage their readers more often and in more dynamic, real-time ways. So essentially think of your business as being a content provider for journalists in the form of fresh copy and interesting images. Do not underestimate the power of images and video for promotional purposes. If you must send out that press release, however unnewsworthy, at least include some high-resolution images or video. It will increase your chances of pick-up and force you to see your media assets in a whole new way.

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