Stuff I Discovered in 2007…

OK– I don’t want to be accused of pimping my client’s products on this blog, so I make it a point to let people know about things I TRULY love after I’m done working for them or especially if I’ve never even met them. In other words, I ain’t makin’ a dime if I say that:

1) I’ve discovered the best kitchen mat in the world. Seriously. This is a million dollar idea. I don’t know about you, but I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and someone finally figured out a way to make a beautiful, shock absorbent, bacteria resistant kitchen mat. The guys at Let’s Gel are getting a lot of attention. They were featured in the New York Times gift guide this year; they’re being used in the test kitchens at Bon Appetit, Paula Deen’s got one; Ina Garten’s got one; and it’s already been on HGTV’s “I Want That!” Get one, or get one for the chef in your life. They’re also at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

2) This is the craziest thing I’ve heard of lately. After seeing “Blood Diamond” I put a halt to buying (or asking my husband to buy) diamonds of any kind. I just don’t know where they’ve actually come from, and I really don’t want blood on my hands, or wrists or earlobes. So it was a complete shock that I also had to worry about another love of mine… chocolate. Did you know that most of the chocolate we consume has links to child slavery in parts of Africa? That’s right. So what’s a conscientious chocolate lover to do? Well, visit and learn where you can get slave-free, fair trade, and organic chocolate products. You really do have a number of choices, so make them wisely.

3) Check out Firefly Children’s Boutique in NYC or online. They have great, unique clothes, gifts and toys for the hip kid at unbelievably reasonable prices. I particularly love their selection of wooden toys, puppets and fashion for kids.

4) In 2007 I celebrated my 20 year high school reunion. It was great to see old friends and just catch up on what everyone was doing. I was super-impressed with how diverse and brilliant all of our careers seemed. Again, I would not just tell you I liked something just because I’m fond of the person. I am genuinely impressed with this stuff.


Geo Toys: Founded by my close friend Bob Galinsky, he set out to do what no one had done before… create an exceptional geographically accurate puzzle for continents. Each of his Geo Puzzles has puzzle pieces in the shape of countries. Bob has the US, Africa, Asia, Europe and South America as well as other fun geography-based toys. I was recently at Whole Earth in Austin, Texas and was happy to see his toys front and center! Way to promote world peace… piece by piece!


Thank You Bear is a remarkable and simple children’s story written and illustrated by one of the coolest kids in my senior class… Greg Foley. Greg and I had some classes together in high school, and he contributed artwork to our newspaper (of which I was editor). After graduation, he went to the famed Rhode Island School of Design and then pursued a fantastic design career in NYC. And with endorsements from David Bowie, Karl Legerfeld, David Byrne and more, Greg wins the uber hip award from me. Now I just need to get him to sign a copy of Thank You Bear for my son!


Julia LaShae was in my cute little circle of girlfriends in high school. She was super smart, a total doll and one of the nicest people I remember. It was people like Julia that made high school tolerable and even fun. So when I heard that she was a jazz singer in New Orleans, I was so thrilled and not at all surprised. I’ll never forget that sultry fire engine red satin dress with elbow length gloves she wore to prom. Girlfriend knows how to sing those classic tunes from the 20s, 30s and 40s. Buy her CD.

Well, that’s it for now… I’m always going to share information on products, pursuits and people I love. Enjoy!


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