Inexpensive Way to Get Your Press Release Out

I wanted to pass along a pretty good way to get your press release out on some search engines for a very low cost. For many years, PRWeb has been a friend to businesses, small PR shops, independent publicists, etc. It used to be a free online press release distribution service, but now it costs a little bit of money (last October they merged with BusinessWire). For about $80 you can submit your press release to PRWeb, and then let it go. The downside? You don’t really have the option to follow-up with the media that receives the release, though you could send the link to your release all over the place yourself. They also have advanced packages for wider distribution, though I have not tried those yet. Overall, if you have a very limited budget, this might be a good option for you, or a nice supplemental expense if you hire a publicist. Other press release distribution services include BusinessWire, PRNewswire and MarketWire, among others.


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