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Inexpensive Way to Get Your Press Release Out

I wanted to pass along a pretty good way to get your press release out on some search engines for a very low cost. For many years, PRWeb has been a friend to businesses, small PR shops, independent publicists, etc. It used to be a free online press release distribution service, but now it costs a little bit of money (last October they merged with BusinessWire). For about $80 you can submit your press release to PRWeb, and then let it go. The downside? You don’t really have the option to follow-up with the media that receives the release, though you could send the link to your release all over the place yourself. They also have advanced packages for wider distribution, though I have not tried those yet. Overall, if you have a very limited budget, this might be a good option for you, or a nice supplemental expense if you hire a publicist. Other press release distribution services include BusinessWire, PRNewswire and MarketWire, among others.

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Website Up and Running:

Well, you’ll be happy to know that my website,, is up and running. Big thanks to Jenny at for helping me out.

This week, Inside the Circle ( is making its midwest regional premiere at the Chicago Latino Film Festival. If you’re a documentary and independent film enthusiast, you should know that it will be screening once again in Austin as the official closing film of Cine Las Americas  ( on Thursday, April 26. Just to give you an idea of how awesome it is, check out some of the praise:

** SXSW 2007 Audience Award *

 “… Amazingly good. Probably the best feel good documentary I’ve seen in ages.  It’s this years Mad Hot Ballroom, without ever trying to be...

This is one of those films that every young person in America needs to see, as you sit and watch two equally talented guys go down two very different roads. One travels the world. The other can’t leave the state of Texas . All because of the choices they make. It breaks your heart to watch – but also delivers on the positivity. And yet, the film isn’t all sunshine and tulips. It’s got an edge to it. It’s almost got this whole real-life Bad News bears thing going on. And I simply loved it.”  — 3/22/07 

“…One of the most energetic, kinetic films I’ve seen in recent memory… truly shines during the dance competitions [and] it’s fascinating to see what ultimately happens to Josh, Omar and the other dancers…” — 3/31/07

“This film is awesome…

At first when you hear the term ‘breakdancing’ you get mental images of people wearing Adidas jumpsuits and doing the robot. This film smashes those images and presents an art where your body can contort and bend in ways I previously thought impossible…

FIND THIS MOVIE AND WATCH IT. You won’t believe what you are seeing. The story is great and the competitions will have you gasping for more…” — 3/19/07

“…All told, this film was chock full of amazing dancing, music and a story that at first seems very simple, but evolves into an engrossing tale of three young men trying to get their lives together and live out their dreams. Easily the single most inspirational and gripping film of its kind I’ve seen in quite some time.” — 3/14/07

A beautiful story… I was touched by the film.” — Paulskee, founder of national b-boy competitive event Out For Fame

Breathtaking… the kinetic energy of the dancers is electrifying… the movements and music show the passion that Omar and Josh feel personally for what they do, which only makes how they try to contain that within their every day lives more challenging.” — 3/29/07

“It’s a film about perseverance in life and transformation through art that gives a message of hope to everyone.” —Nancy Schiesari, Award-winning filmmaker and Professor, University of Texas Dept. of Radio-Television-Film

And on the Mother’s Guide to Personal Renewal front, mark your calendars for the May 9 launch event at Mercury Hall in Austin, TX. Bring your mother, sister, daughter– any and all of the mothers in your life– and women, bring your husband for this special celebration featuring amazing food and wine, music by Sara Hickman and a touching tribute to mothers. For more information, check out:

Finally, we are looking for a Presenting Sponsor for the 2007 National Poetry Slam taking place in Austin this August. The sponsorship benefit package is absolutely amazing and includes things like having access to thousands of people in the very coveted demographic of diverse men/women 18-40, educated and loyal consumers with mid to high incomes; presence at the historic Paramount Theater; inclusion in a comprehensive online and traditional marketing campaign with print, radio and TV partners, and so much more. If your company is interested in learning more, please e-mail me at Deadline for the presenting sponsorship slot is May 15.

Happy Communicating!

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Welcome to the Hoopla!

Welcome to the weblog of Hoopla Media & Communications. This is all very exciting for me!  On Dec. 15, 2006 I had my first child, Benjamin Emerson Robenalt! And on April 1, I re-launched Hoopla. Right out of the gate, I was very fortunate to work on two dynamic documentary film projects screening at the 2007 South by Southwest Film Festival: and I absolutely love working with documentary filmmakers– they are passionate, creative and really talented people. In fact, there will be additional screenings of the critically-acclaimed and award-winning film by Marcy Garriott, Inside the Circle (about the highly competitive world of B-Boys) at the Chicago Latino Film Festival and Cine Las Americas in Austin this month. Please go to the website for more info.

I’m also very excited about another client, Renee Trudeau She’s a genius. About four years ago she had a magnificent idea… why not start a woman’s group focusing on real life/balance issues for Moms. The group will help Moms to reconnect to who they really are. We’re not talking play groups, recipe swaps and exclusively sharing parenting resources. We’re talking about helping mothers take self-care seriously, so they can parent optimally. Basically, fill your cup first, so you can fill cups for others. Go to and learn about her brand new book designed to help women start or join a Personal Renewal Group. It’s called The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal, and it is a MUST HAVE gift for ALL of the mothers in your life.

In just a few days will be up and running thanks to Jenny at You’ll be able to find out how I can help you create a communications program for your company that can save you valuable time and money. Also, Hoopla Media & Communications is designed as a family friendly operation dedicated to balancing life and work while providing superior service. My hours of operation are Mon. – Fri. from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. I am, however, available for media calls and urgent matters 24/7.

 In this weblog, I will try to provide you with tips and hints on the sometimes overwhelming and confusing world of public relations. Check back often, and you may get some money and resource saving ideas! Have a GREAT DAY!

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